Castlebar Outreach Support

Our Outreach Service is aimed at supporting mainstream schools with individual pupils and groups who have additional needs. During a visit to your setting we will offer advice and guidance in planning, differentiating and personalising the curriculum for your pupils with SEND. An opportunity will be given for staff members to visit Castlebar School to observe classroom practice and view resources.

Our work to support individuals and groups of children includes:

  • Advice on classroom behaviour management, whole class interventions (e.g. use of reward systems), supporting children (including those with diagnoses of ADHD or ASD)
  • Advice on maximising the use of TAs
  • Modelling and advice on for example –use of Circle Time, Social Stories, work-stations, colourful semantics, visual timetables and the zones of regulation
  • Advice and support with transition across key stages and between year groups

Each school will receive:

  • a written report at the end of the visit with strategies and advice included
  • opportunities for observation in class and discussion with key individuals
  • invitation to visit Castlebar as a follow up

Our work at a whole-school level includes:

  • Support with identifying staff professional development needs
  • Bespoke packages of CPD to schools- Supporting the transfer of skills/strategies into the classroom
  • Advice on developing whole school behaviour policy (encompassing positive handling, reward and sanction systems, whole school scripts, behaviour support plans)
  • Use of Lesson Study approach to involve teachers in research and explore best approaches in practice to support progress for pupils.
  • An introduction to Mindfulness for pupils with SEND
  • Delivery of Autism Education Trust Schools Programme