We are committed to supporting the professional development of students through to senior leadership. We identify and develop talent, providing clear pathways and routes that will engage a range of interests.

Our Growth and Enrichment Programme outlines the opportunities on offer to staff at all levels.

The Stepping Stones Programme supports teachers who have ambition to move into leadership roles. This four week programme introduces them to the skills required to become successful middle leaders of the future.

Through partnership working with the Institute of Education and Local Authority we deliver accredited middle (NPQML) and senior (NPQSL) leadership programmes for primary and SEN teachers.

Ealing Primary Teaching School Alliance has built a strong reputation for its approach to coaching and mentoring. Our programme for Assistant Heads and Deputies is routed in developing these skills. New Deputy Heads are welcomed into Ealing through established quadrant networks and personal mentor coaches for the first year.

Our training package supports Assistant Heads and Deputies to strengthen and develop the skills required for effective leadership.

Deputy Headteachers and Assistant Heads are supported to further develop their areas of interest and expertise through bespoke conferences that are tailored to their requirements.