Research & Development

Research and development is recognised as a core aspect of school improvement and innovation.

Ealing Primary Teaching School Alliance is part of a research culture supporting leaders and teachers in understanding research engagement and connecting research with everyday practice.

A key principle of in-school research is that there must be real benefits for pupils. Research must focus on improving pupil outcomes and must be forward thinking, improving skills and experiences of staff.

Within the Alliance there are a number of school based research and development projects in place. Schools also join with university partners to engage in national enquiry.

Ealing Primary Teaching School Alliance is invested in Lesson Study. There are six Lead staff, including SLEs, who are able to support colleagues to set up the approach in their schools.

The Alliance delivers annual training on Lesson Study for leaders and teachers interested in the approach.

There are opportunities to join our SEND Learning Community or become part of our Lesson Study group.

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