SEND Peer Review

A SEND Peer Review is a professionally-led peer review which highlights areas of strength, including areas of outstanding knowledge and practice within schools.

It is a rewarding and enriching experience that supports professional development and develops knowledge and inspires new ideas and ways of working.

This is a joint exercise between the school and reviewer/s. All observations and meetings include the SENCo/Inclusion Manager from the school being reviewed, working alongside the reviewers.

Discussion about the findings and the writing of the report are a collaborative effort between the reviewer/s and the school’s senior leadership team.

This approach enables honest and open conversations about where the school is and where it is going, to the benefit of all concerned. It also identifies areas for development, bringing key challenges and priorities to schools for the coming year and is based on the principles of System Leadership.

What will it entail?

  • Preparation: School completes a self-evaluation of current provision
  • Reviewers: meet to prepare a Pre-Visit Analysis of the school. This takes account of the documentation provided and identifies possible questions for discussion with the school
  • School visit: The reviewers visit the school and work alongside the SENCo to gather evidence and provide verbal feedback to the SLT
  • Reporting: The reviewers submit a written report within a timescale agreed with the school
  • Evaluation and follow up: The school may agree follow-up visits and support

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