As a team of highly skilled and committed specialist leaders, we support inclusion and quality first teaching for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) in all nurseries, schools and other settings.

We are committed to sharing expertise and knowledge in partnership with our mainstream colleagues and other professionals.

Working collaboratively with other schools we ensure that provision for our students with SEND is effective. We are proud to have strong links with other Ealing primary schools through leading the SENCo Networks and delivery of a range of opportunities and programmes. We pride ourselves on high engagement levels and positive feedback from participants.

Nine specialist leaders are actively supporting schools through bespoke intervention packages and SEND Peer Reviews.

We also lead a collaborative Learning Community, with a current focus on:

  • Lesson Study to support reflective practice in the classroom leading to improved outcomes for pupils with SEND
  • The use of ‘Nurture’ groups to support the academic progress and well-being of pupils in a mainstream setting

We are an expanding community and welcome others to join who have an interest in sharing or developing further research projects to support teaching and learning in the area of SEND.